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each Discworld series has a sort of set of key themes, which match the key characters, and all the books in that series centre round the theme

for example the Witches’ books are all centred around words and their power, so it’s all theatre and plays and stories and fairytales and opera and shakespeare - because on the Disc the power of witches comes through words

and the Death books are all about great big capital-lettered human concepts, like Justice, Oblivion, Hope, Belief, and Time, because after all, that’s what exactly Death is (only he happens to have developed a conscience and a like of cats)

and then the Vimes books are all about people, and people in charge of other people, and how the people in charge of other people are perhaps best suited to not being people at all, and instead being something much more harmless like a teapot, and so you’ve got so so many repeated themes of mobs of people and kings of people and the importance of caring about the little people because the big people are too busy being big to give a damn and each Vimes book has more and more types of people, dwarves, werewolves, trolls, gargoyles, feegles, zombies, goblins, even vampires… because the whole point of Watch is people - to keep the bad people away from the not-currently-bad-people & keep the occasionally-alright-people safe.

anyway, basically, Terry Pratchett’s a genius.

I have never noticed this before. What about Rincewind’s stories? Is there a theme there?

ok so compiling what some lovely people (xxxxx) have said about the main themes of Rincewind’s: 

running, destiny, running, sanity in an insane place, running, the world (and all it’s dangers), science (and all it’s dangers), anything and everything you really don’t want to do, running (including the planned benefits of running and the accidental benefits of running), fear (and how it’s actually a pretty smart thing), cowardice (and how it’s also a pretty smart thing), trust, screwing your reputation up the buttock, screwing your destiny up the buttock, self-acceptance, self-realisation, running, survival, accidental survival, survival through running…

so, to summarise, I guess the Rincewind books are about screwing up destiny/reputation/science/the world by running away from them as fast as possible in the opposite direction


do u understand how much this means


do u understand how much this means

People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind: Talks & Essays on the Writer, the Reader & the Imagination (via wordsnquotes)


Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages


imagine your current friend group but dwayne the rock johnson is an unquestioned part of it


→ Au : Got Race!bending: Asian Fancast :

Daniel Wu as Jon Snow, Michelle Yeoh as Catelyn Stark, Zhou Xun as Daenerys Targaryen, Suzuka Ogo as Arya Stark, Andy Lau as Stannis Baratheon, Liu Yifei as Sansa stark, Chow Yun Fat as Tywin Lannister, Gong Li as Cersei Lannister, Chang Chen as Jaime Lannister, Zhang Ziyi as Margaery Tyrell, Huang Xiaoming as Robb Stark, Ken Watanabe as Ned Stark

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.


Disney movies in order of historical setting

(Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)


I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.


Slavery: “GET OVER IT!”

Imperialism: “GET OVER IT!”

Exploitation: “GET OVER IT!”

World Starvation: “GET OVER IT”

Genocide: “GET OVER IT!”

Occupation: “GET OVER IT!”





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